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Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of Michael AntleMichael AntleBehavioral Neuroscience, Neuropharmacology, Circadian Rhythms
Photograph of Donald Alexander BakalDonald Alexander BakalHealth Psychology, Behavioral Medicine, Clinical Psychology
Photograph of Glen BodnerGlen BodnerCognitive Psychology, Memory
Photograph of Susan BoonSusan BoonSocial Cognition, Interpersonal Relationships, Social Psychology
Photograph of Joshua BourdageJoshua BourdageIndustrial-Organizational Psychology
Photograph of Melissa BoyceMelissa BoyceSocial Cognition, Decision Making, Memory
Photograph of Jeff K. CairdJeff K. CairdTransportation Human Factors, Traffic Safety, Healthcare Human Factors, Aging, Patient Safety
Photograph of Brandy CallahanBrandy CallahanNeuroimaging, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Neuropsychology, Psychometrics, Aging
Photograph of Derek ChapmanDerek ChapmanIndustrial-Organizational Psychology, Selection, Recruiting
Photograph of Mitchell ColpMitchell ColpDecision Making, Child Psychology, Psychometrics
Photograph of Roderick CooperRoderick CooperBehavioral Neuroscience, Vision
Photograph of Suzanne CurtinSuzanne CurtinCognitive Development, Child Psychology, Speech, Psycholinguistics
Photograph of Deborah DobsonDeborah DobsonCognitive Behaviour Therapy, Anxiety Disorders
Photograph of Keith DobsonKeith DobsonPsychopathology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Depression
Photograph of Bruce E. DunnBruce E. DunnAuditory processing
Photograph of Richard DyckRichard DyckNeuropharmacology, Cortical Plasticity, Behavioral Neuroscience, Stroke, Neurogenerative Disorders, Aging
Photograph of Jos EggermontJos EggermontCortical Plasticity, Hearing
Photograph of John EllardJohn EllardSocial Psychology
Photograph of Gregory FoutsGregory FoutsAdolescent Psychology, Child Psychology, Social Psychology
Photograph of Susan GrahamSusan GrahamChild Psychology, Language Processing, Cognitive Development
Photograph of Suzanne HalaSuzanne HalaCognitive Development, Child Psychology, Autism
Photograph of Alison HeardAlison HeardLanguage Processing, Neuroimaging, Cognitive Psychology
Photograph of David HodginsDavid HodginsGambling, Clinical Psychology, Addictive Behaviours
Photograph of Giuseppe IariaGiuseppe IariaNeuroimaging, Cognitive Neuroscience, Memory, Neuropsychology
Photograph of Donald KlineDonald KlineHuman Factors, Traffic Safety, Perception, Health, Aging, and Human Factors, Aging, Vision
Photograph of Theresa KlineTheresa KlineAttitudes, Psychometrics, Decision Making
Photograph of Candace KonnertCandace KonnertAging, Clinical Psychology
Photograph of Vedran LovicVedran LovicLearning, Behavioral Neuroscience, Addictive Behaviours, Motivation, Neuropharmacology, Optogenetics, Chemogenetics
Photograph of Cara MacInnisCara MacInnisSocial Psychology, Attitudes
Photograph of Eric MashEric MashPsychopathology
Photograph of Daniel McGrathDaniel McGrathAddictive Behaviours, Personality, Psychopathology, Substance Abuse, Health Psychology, Gambling
Photograph of J.  Lary MosleyJ. Lary MosleyChild Psychology
Photograph of Arlin PachetArlin PachetStroke, Neuropsychology
Photograph of Guy PelletierGuy PelletierHealth Psychology
Photograph of Penny PexmanPenny PexmanLanguage Processing, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Development, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Psychology
Photograph of Andrea ProtznerAndrea ProtznerCognitive Neuroscience, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Neuropsychology, Neuroimaging, Depression
Photograph of H. Lorraine RadtkeH. Lorraine RadtkePsychology of Gender, Social Psychology, Discourse Analysis
Photograph of Robert SainsburyRobert SainsburyBehavioral Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Photograph of Charles ScialfaCharles ScialfaPerception, Attention, Vision, Health, Aging, and Human Factors, Cognitive Psychology, Aging, Human Factors, Traffic Safety
Photograph of Christopher SearsChristopher SearsDepression, Memory, Anxiety, Emotion regulation, Cognitive Psychology, Attention
Photograph of Henderikus StamHenderikus StamDiscourse Analysis, History of Psychology, Theoretical Psychology
Photograph of Kristin von RansonKristin von RansonBehavioral Medicine, Eating Disorders, Clinical Psychology
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