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Welcome to the Healthy HEARTS Lab at the University of Calgary!


Promoting HEARTS: Health Education And Research Throughout lifeSpans

Research in the Healthy HEARTS lab explores relationships between physical health and psycho-social variables (such as depression, anxiety, optimism, etc.). We are particularly interested in gaining a better understanding of how parental mental health, socioeconomic circumstances, and group membership contribute to physical health outcomes in infants, children, adolescents and young adults.


 We would like to thank our kindhearted participants and generous funders for their incredible support!




What's new with our lab?

Drs. Bayrampour, Tomfohr-Madsen, and Tough are featured on the CME Institute "Let's Talk" blog with their post: Perinatal Trajectories of Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms!

We are now recruiting participants for our Sleeping For Two study about sleep in pregnancy!

We are looking for healthy families for our Family Sleep Study!

Dr. Tomfohr-Madsen and Zahra Clayborne recently published a manuscript in Behavioral Sleep Medicine.