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Volunteer in the Healthy HEARTS Lab as a Research Lab Volunteer!


Thank you for your interest in joining our lab!

Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting Lab Volunteer applications. Please note that Dr. Tomfohr-Madsen is also not currently accepting new graduate students.

When open, the Healthy HEARTS Lab will accept Lab Volunteer applications from excellent undergraduate (second year and above) and graduate students, or those who have already graduated, with an interest in psychology and research. Undergraduate students who are interested in gaining course credit in addition to potential volunteer experience in our lab are encouraged to enroll in PSYC 499 (1.5 HCE; the prerequisites for PSYC 499 only are PSYC 312, 3.0 full-course equivalents in Psychology, and being a student in the Psychology program). PSYC 499 or its prerequisites are NOT required to volunteer in our lab.

The time commitment for a volunteer position would be an average of approximately 5 hours per week (6 hours per week for PSYC 499 students).


To apply, please email John ( with your:
   1) Completed Lab Application Form
   2) Current resume/CV
   3) Cover letter
If you are a student, please also attach your:
   4) Course schedule (tentative is acceptable)
   5) Completed Form for known dates of midterm exams / major assignments


Thank you for completing the full application package!


What's new with our lab?

Drs. Bayrampour, Tomfohr-Madsen, and Tough are featured on the CME Institute "Let's Talk" blog with their post: Perinatal Trajectories of Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms!

We are now recruiting participants for our Sleeping For Two study about sleep in pregnancy!

We are looking for healthy families for our Family Sleep Study!

Dr. Tomfohr-Madsen and Zahra Clayborne recently published a manuscript in Behavioral Sleep Medicine.