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Research Team



  • Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen (PhD), Director




Graduate Students

Please note that Dr. Tomfohr-Madsen is not currently accepting new graduate students.

  • Briana Cassetta
  • Emily Cameron
  • Ivan Sedov
  • Matt Shay
  • Brooke Russell


Supervised Undergraduates

  • Dana Hunter
  • Dominique Bonneville
  • Ashley Dhillon
  • Lindsey Trepanier


Lab Volunteers

  • Pooja Sohal
  • Evan Mitchell Beck
  • Hangsel Sanguino
  • Ashley Felske
  • Elleine Allapitan
  • Tuba Bukhari


Collaborators from Other Research Labs


Alumni and Former Staff

  • Camila Maturana Palacios
  • Zahra Mohammed Clayborne
  • Elena Buliga
  • Soeun Lee
  • Delaine Ammaturo


Distinguished Former Lab Volunteers

  • Diandra Leslie
  • Mackenzie Urquhart
  • Asalah Alareeki



What's new with our lab?

Drs. Bayrampour, Tomfohr-Madsen, and Tough are featured on the CME Institute "Let's Talk" blog with their post: Perinatal Trajectories of Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms!

We are now recruiting participants for our Sleeping For Two study about sleep in pregnancy!

We are looking for healthy families for our Family Sleep Study!

Dr. Tomfohr-Madsen and Zahra Clayborne recently published a manuscript in Behavioral Sleep Medicine.