University of Calgary

Ana Petrovic-Poljak

  • Doctoral Student
  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Students

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.

Current Research

My research interests focus on understanding the experience of family caregivers in continuing care. As family involvement increases with newer models of care in long term care (LTC), it is anticipated that conflict will increase between families and staff, as families negotiate their new roles in LTC. Unfortunately, conflict between families and staff has multiple adverse outcomes including, poorer quality of care for residents, increased caregiver burden, decreased family satisfaction with care, greater staff burnout and staff turnover. At present, my doctoral research is the first study to use a theory driven approach to understanding family-staff conflicts by examining the role that established conflict management theories from industrial/organizational and educational psychology have in understanding conflict in this unique setting. The results from this study will provide an understanding of which aspects of the family-staff relationship contribute to conflict and its management and the manner in which conflict management strategies are related to caregiver outcomes in order to develop and apply interventions, as well as to assist in identifying individuals who might require further support and intervention in order to minimize the adverse effects of conflict.

Current Studies

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