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Love Lab research featured in interactive Beakerhead event

Submitted by kemacklo on Mon, 10/03/2016 - 3:54pm

Associate Professor Susan Boon and her collaborator Stephen Yoshimura (University of Montana) presented their research on revenge in romantic relationships at Beakerhead on September 15. The unique presentation was a mash up of art and science, using actors to improvise sketches based on research and audience suggestion. They were also featured on The Homestretch on CBC Radio, please click here for the interview.


Back row: Jamie Northan (actor), Josh Bertwistle (actor), and Dr. Stephen Yoshimura (Department of Communication Studies, University of Montana)
Front row: Erin Bauer (stage/event manager for Beakerhead), Dr. Susan Boon (Department of Psychology, University of Calgary), and Jesse Lynn (Ayla) Anderson (actor).