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Sheri Madigan

  • Assistant Professor
  • TIER II CRC - Determinants of Child Development

General Interests

Clinical Psychology
Child Development
Parent-Child Interactions

Research Interests

My research focuses on determinants of children's early social, emotional, and cognitive development. Child development is determined by multiple sources of influences, including those operating within the individual child (e.g., perinatal factors, genetics, temperament), within the family-context (e.g., parenting, marital conflict, parental attachment history and experiences of early adversity), as well as processes embedded in the broader social context (e.g., socio-economic status, social networks). The overarching goal of my research is to examine how and why these nested layers of influence contribute to children's healthy developmental trajectories or, alternatively, serve to undermine children's development. My research uses a variety of methods (e.g., observational assessments, survey data, structured interviews) and capitalizes on multiple statistical methods as a function of the question under consideration (e.g., meta-analyses, mediation and moderation, trajectory analyses, multilevel models, path analyses, and individual participant data reviews). 

Research Support

- Canada Research Chairs (2015-2020)

- Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: Insight Grant (2015-2018); Insight Development Grants (2013-2016; 2015-2017); SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (as Co-PI, 2016-2018)

- Psychiatry Endowment Fund at the Hospital for Sick Children (2012-2015; 2014-2017)

- Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship (2012-2014)



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Korczak, D., Madigan, S., Colasanto, M. (in press). Effect of children?s physical activity on the development of depression: A meta-analysis. Pediatrics.

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Book Chapters

Jenkins, J., Madigan, S., & Arsenault, L. (2015). Psychosocial Adversity (pp.330-340). In Tharpar, A., Pine, D., Leckman, J., Scott, S., Snowling, M., & Taylor, E. (Eds., 6th edition). Rutter?s Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Blackwell: Oxford, UK.

Lyons-Ruth, K., Zeanah, C.H., Benoit, D., Madigan, S. & Mills-Koonce, R.,  (2014). Disorder and Risk for Disorder in infancy and toddlerhood (pp.673-736). Child Psychopathology. In E. Mash & R.A. Barkley (Eds., 3rd Edition). The Guilford Press: New York, NY.

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