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Publications - 2017


Can volunteering in later life reduce the risk of dementia? A 5-Year longitudinal study among volunteering and non-volunteering retired seniors.

Griep, Yannick, Magnusson Hanson, Linda, Vantilborgh, Tim, Janssens, Laurens, Jones, Samantha K. and Hyde, Martin

Depression and depressive symptoms in pediatric traumatic brain injury: A scoping review

Laliberte, Christianne, Pereverseff, Rosemary and Yeates, Keith

First episode indices associated with lifetime chronicity of depression among formerly depressed participants: an exploratory study

Pereverseff, Rosemary, Beshai, Shadi and Dimova, Marina

Lonely sensational icons: semantic neighbourhood density, sensory experience and iconicity

Sidhu, David and Pexman, Penny

Weight bias: A systematic review of characteristics and psychometric properties of self-report questionnaires

Lacroix, E., Alberga. A. S., Russell-Mayhew, S., McLaren, L. and von Ranson, Kristin
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