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The BabySibs Project

The University of Calgary is conducting a research study in order to better understand language development in infants at risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

We are interested in relationships among and between two social attention factors, joint attention and attention to speech, related to language development.

For more information on our study, please select the "Research" tab at the top, and then select "Autism Spectrum Disorder Studies" from the left-hand menu.

Who can take part?

We are interested in hearing from you:

1. Parents/guardians of an infant younger than 4 - 8 months with an older sibling with a diagnosis on the Autism spectrum (e.g. Autism, ASD). 

2. Parents/guardians of an infant younger than 4 months with an older, typically-developing sibling.

Participation will typically involve 5 visits to the University of Calgary's Speech Development Lab as your infant develops. For parents who have an infant with an older sibling diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, there will also be two additional visits at 24 months and 36 months of age. For parents who have an infant with an older, typically-developing sibling, we will contact you at 24 months for a phone interview regarding your infant's development up to that point.

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                      General Speech Task



                       Language   measures


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Children with ASD typically have difficulty in the development and use of language. Approximately half of the autistic population fails to develop speech, and when language does develop, Autistic individuals often fail to use speech functionally (Volkmar, 1991). Little is known about possible early markers in speech development in infant at high risk for autism.

We are no longer recruiting new participants for the BabySibs study. We would like to thank all the families who participated and dedicated their time to this study. 

Telephone: 403-220-2444 | Email:

Our community partners will provide follow-up services: 

Autism Organizations & Resources Phone Website Email
Autism Calgary Association 403-250-5033
Society for the Treatment of Autism 403-253-2291

Autism Aspergers Friendship Society 403-246-7383
Autism Society of Canada 1-866-476-8440
Autism Disorders Program 
L.E.A.D Foundation
Child Disability Resource Link 1-866-346-4661 N/A N/A
Families for Effective Autism Treatments of Alberta Foundation 403-520-7424
Preschool Autism Treatment and Education Program, New Heights Early Learning Services 403-240-1312
Renfrew Education Services Society 403-291-5038

If you have any concerns, you should also contact the Calgary Health Region: 

Child Development Intake phone: 403-955-5999
Child Development Services phone: 403-955-5900


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