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Dr. Suzanne Curtin
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology 
Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Southern California
M.A. Linguistics, University of Southern California
B.A. (Hons) Linguistics, McGill University
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My core theoretical interest is in the interface between lexical development and infant speech perception. The goal of my research program is to understand how early speech perception and word learning contributes to the acquisition of a phonetically driven phonological system. I am interested in the nature of the infant's initial state and how this influences the infant's developing speech perception system. My research explores the role of early biases in directing attention to the necessary information in the speech signal that will enable the infant to bootstrap into language. I also examine infants' sensitivity to distributional information in the speech input and explore how this information is used for parsing the continuous speech stream, and learning words. To this end, my research focuses on speech perception abilities in both typically and atypically developing infants with a special focus on infants who are at heightened risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder.